Cancellation Policy

Making a reservation at a Bed and Breakfast is not the same as making a hotel reservation. Mouton Plantation Bed and Breakfast is a small property where every guest reservation made is both important and special to us and last minute changes or cancellations significantly affect our business. When you reserve a room, we agree to turn away all other requests for that room and you agree to pay the rate quoted for the number of days you reserve it. A last minute cancellation gives us little chance of re-booking a room. For this reason we uphold a strict cancellation policy:

Cancellation of a confirmed reservation must be made 7 or more days prior to your scheduled arrival to receive a refund.

In the event you need to change or reschedule your reservation to another date when your room is available, please do so 7 days or more in advance of your arrival.

Guests are responsible for payment of all nights reserved regardless of their actual arrival or departure date. Guests who need to depart prior to their reservation end date will be expected to honor their reservation commitment. No-shows are also responsible for full payment of their entire reservation.

Reservations during holidays or special events require a 30-day cancellation notice prior to your arrival date for a full refund.

While we understand that situations do arise, in the unlikely event that you must cancel your reservation within 7 days of your arrival, you will be responsible for the price of your entire reservation. This policy applies for reservations regardless of when the reservation was made. There are no exceptions to this policy including sickness, family emergencies or weather related issues.

30 Days Notice of Cancellation is Required for These Circumstances:

  • Major holiday reservations include the Valentine’s Day holiday period
  • Mardi Gras period
  • Festival International period
  • Good Friday through Easter Sunday
  • The July 4th holiday period
  • Labor Day weekend
  • Festival Acadian Period
  • Thanksgiving Eve thru the Saturday following Thanksgiving
  • December 23rd through January 2nd.

*Payment for rooms during these events are due in full 30 days prior to event dates.


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